Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing

Our practical experience in brand management and our detailed knowledge of brands, markets and consumers flow into the analysis and recommendations of our projects for brand development. This combination helps our clients successfully manage and further develop their brands profitably.

This encompasses:

Further developing and honing brand positioning

Analysis of perception of brands for: the identification of the brand status (Brand Equity), the brand positioning and differentiation in the competitive field (Brand Footprint) as well as the review of the relevance of positioning areas

Optimising market coverage through brand portfolio analysis and strategies

Comparison of consumer and needs segmentation and brand positioning while taking market trends into consideration 

Recognising the potential of umbrella brand strategies

Evaluation and expansion of the brand core and for the identification and development of new product categories and market potential for a brand  

Successfully shaping the introduction or re-launch of brands

Evaluation of alternative launch scenarios for the optimisation of the marketing mix based on SWOT analysis. 



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