Innovation Management Innovation Management

We focus our projects on the exact definition of areas of opportunity at the beginning and during the use of clearly defined deciding parameters of the innovation process.  This makes a speedy launch of innovations and the efficient assignment of resources in the innovation process possible for our clients.

This encompasses:


Identification of promising areas of opportunity 

Studies for the development of a deep consumer understanding though the segmentation of needs. Relevant Consumer  (B2C) or Customer (B2B) insights as the basis for a qualitative and quantitative description of areas of opportunity (e.g. GAP-Analysis) can be identified. 


Productive approach to idea generation

Workshops (classic or online) with creative techniques serve as a means of generating new ideas and for the development of idea profiles (who, what, how, when, why) in defined areas of opportunity

Clear prioritisation of ideas

Internal or external scoring of available ideas with a defined set of evaluation criteria makes the definition of an optimal idea and innovation portfolio possible.

Development of strong concepts

Development of promising ideas and the translation of these into convincing concepts that are clearly structured and formulated in consumer relevant terms: with a relevant consumer insight, a unique proposition and a credible RTB (reason to believe).



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