Word-of-Mouth Marketing Word-of-Mouth Marketing

WoM-Marketing – Strengthening Recommendations

Consumers are confronted with up to 5000 advertising messages1 per day. Most people are incapable of absorbing and processing that many, or otherwise view the advertising message as being non-credible. In the face of this turn to other sources of product information: 90% of consumers trust the product recommendations of friends and acquaintances, 70% believe the opinions of other consumers on the internet2 and  a third (31%)3 of consumers indicate that the opinions of other users on the internet influence their purchase decisions. With our Word-of-Mouth concepts, we offer the implementation of an effective communication strategy and apply the mechanisms of multilevel interpersonal communication. The flow of communication among consumers occurs via social chains of communication, from a brand as the communicator to selected opinion formers.


We offer the following benefits for our clients with our Word-of-Mouth campaigns:

  • Clear identification and recruitment of the target group with our market research Know-How,
  • Integration of market research questions during a campaign,
  • Measurability of the campaign’s contact quality, reach and efficiency by means of various Key Performance Indicators,
    Performance monitoring by measuring sales and considering test markets,
  • Integration of Open Innovation Workshops in the Word-of-Mouth campaigns,
  • A traceable increase of the Purchase Intention and Endorser Value of the Opinion Former and the persons to whom a product is recommended,
  • The opportunity to carry out effective campaigns with a limited advertising budget,
  • Support for or as a supplement to classical advertising campaigns to increase the credibility of product and service benefits

Effective and measureable – WoM-Marketing with whisprs.net

Leading FMCG businesses trust our product tester community, whisprs.net! With whisprs, we can create a traceable increase of the willingness to recommend and purchase a product and a positive development of the Brand Equity with our tailored Word-of-Mouth campaigns. These campaigns also lead to the generation of authentic Consumer Generated Content. You can find project examples under http://whisprs.net/projekte.php.

Word-of-Mouth Concepts & White Label Solutions

In addition to our existing Word-of-Mouth Communities, we also design individual solutions for our clients. From consultation, programming, or communication strategies to the integration of our existing whisprs.net technology as a White Label Solution, we can help you create your own Word-of-Mouth Community. Contact us here and find out more about how you can achieve your goals with Word-of-Mouth Marketing!

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2 Studie „Trust in Adverstising 2009“, Nielsen

 3 Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft 2010, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.