Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Strengthening Power of Persuasion


Social networks like facebook  and Twitter have effectively influenced the face of Web 2.0. The opportunity that has been created for brand communication begs to be used for a meaningfully undertaking. Based on years of experience in strategic marketing consultation, we offer our clients individual solutions for the communication with their specific target groups. We evaluate the possibilities and plan and program your online campaigns and social media communication made-to-size.
Our tailored Social Media Marketing solutions offer our clients the following benefits:

  • Customer retention and loyalty through a dialog with the customer,
  • Increasing the awareness profile of brands and services,
  • the indirect improvement of the ranking in search engines via well-visited social networks,
  • the cross-media linking and activation of marketing campaigns,
  • the use of available networks for a direct dialog with the customer,
  • increasing the customers’ willingness to recommend.


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