Open Innovation Open Innovation

Open Innovation – Strengthening Innovation

With our Open Innovation offer, we provide the opportunity to thoroughly test existing products and services, ideally during a Word-of-Mouth campaign, in order to continually adapt these to the needs of the consumers.  Via different Online Creativity Techniques, ideas can also be generated for innovations. These innovations can later be tested as product and service concepts in the target group with quantitative and qualitative acceptance tests. The methodological conception of the Open Innovation Technique is customised to meet the needs of our clients.





Briefly summarised, the following benefits of Open Innovation Projects for our clients include: 

  • Generation of numerous ideas and innovations within a short amount of time by a multitude of people,
  • Feedback from the tester by means of comprehensive product tests make an exact analysis of the product and service quality and their communication possible,
  • Online-Workshops make the (further) development of products and services with selected consumers that have occupied themselves with the product/service possible,
  • Ideas for innovation are created by the consumers in a playful, carefree manner without pressure to succeed or “business myopia/organisational blindness”,
  • Low costs in comparison to time-intensive and resource-binding employee Innovation Workshops.


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