Digital Marketing Solutions Digital Marketing Solutions

Current internet creates a degree of transparency for consumers that has never existed before. Internet offers and social networks as well as product evaluation portals, price comparison services, consumer advice communities and online social networks are increasingly changing the purchase behaviour of consumers. Influential factors like the recommendations of other internet users, friends and acquaintances play a deciding role in the decision-making process. With our newest available service in the field of Digital Marketing Solutions, we confront the  modern information seeking behaviour of consumers and its influence on purchase behaviour. Our primary services – Consumer & Customer Understanding, Strategic Marketing as well as Innovation Management – are optimally supplemented by this area.

Digital Marketing Excellence

From strategy to performance management
With our marketing know-how, we help our clients design and implement creative digital concepts and campaigns in a goal-oriented manner. Our comprehensive methodological knowledge of quantitative measuring techniques makes the review of cost-effectiveness with respect to return-on-investment indicators possible. We support our clients from the development of a feasible strategy to the operative and technical implementation of campaigns.

User Generated Content

Developing for our clients
The combination of proven methods and knowledge from the field of Innovation Management with the application of the most modern technologies results in unimaginable innovative potential for our clients. From the analysis of publically accessible online content to the individualised conception of Open Innovation workshops – we make it possible to communicate this information to our clients, and use it to their benefit, in a target-oriented fashion.


We offer the following specialisations in our area of Digital Marketing Solutions: