Consumer & Customer Understanding Consumer & Customer Understanding

With our understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods, we can deliver tailored solutions for generating a comprehensive understanding of markets and target groups as well as goal-oriented optimisation of the marketing mix. This encompasses:


Understanding new and existing markets

Studies to identify market structures and market developments and potential (especially in emerging markets)


Identifying target groups and their needs

Quantitative segmentation studies and U&A studies as well as (participative and observatory) methods in order to gain a detailed understanding of consumer behaviour and motivations in different everyday situations.


- Concept

Concept screenings and benchmarking studies

- Product

Studies for the benchmarking of product performance in comparison to competitors, for target-oriented product optimisation and for the identification of product drivers; product portfolio analysis

- Packaging         

Studies to measure consumer perception of packaging on the shelf, for the optimisation of packaging communication performance, claim tests and screenings

- Price

Studies for the identification of price elasticity and optimal price points

- Communication          

Advertisement tracking, studies for the identification of the communication performance of TV and radio spots and online advertising